Saturday, November 24, 2007

On the Land

We went to visit our friends on their farm in the Central Valley. Their persimmon tree was dripping with fruit, and we brought home a big grocery sack of them, as well as one of walnuts that fell off their trees. Everything is on a larger scale up there than in the city. While we were getting our house remodeled, they built a barn that could fit two of our houses. This summer, when we were making our raised bed in the backyard, they had a corral built. You can see far on their land, sometimes even to the Sierra Nevada, on clear winter days.
We walked along their land and down by the creek. The two dogs accompanied us, and the two cats. That's right, the two cats. I never knew cats liked to take a walk with humans, but these do. My friend said, "And if we let the goats out of the corral, they'd walk with us, too!"

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