Friday, November 9, 2007

A Gaggle of Gardeners

The sale at Flowercraft was crawling with gardeners yesterday. All the urban gardeners rolled out of their beds and came to snap up starts for their winter garden, like me. There were not enough red wagons to go around. Gardeners can be a grabby bunch at these sales, especially the native plant sales at the botanical garden. I've had a pot snatched right out from under my outstretched hand. But this wasn't THAT great a sale--it's to make room for the Christmas trees--and everyone was being very civil, if eager.

I get very distracted at the nursery and forget what I came for and always come away with something I didn't come for. This time I did get the white cistus groundcover that my husband asked for. (I found them in the "Last Call" 75% off section; they're a little thatchy but perfectly healthy.) But I couldn't resist some other perennials for the side of house, which is looking very barren now that I took out the withered sunflowers. There's coral salvia (in front), yarrow (yellow flowers with grayish leaves in the middle), and scabiosa (those periwinkle-colored ones in the back). And I didn't even get any starts for the raised bed!

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