Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Patio

Our landscaper finished the new patio. To make it, they had to excavate 3 cubic yards of dirt and haul in 2 cubic yards of base rock and 2 cubic yards of sand, which took them 32.25 hours. Then they installed and cut 258 square feet of pavers, which took them another 33.75 hours. (Our landscaper gave us a meticulously itemized invoice.) I think I will never look quite the same way at a patio. It looks a little stark right now, but we'll be softening it with some pots and more plantings on the edges. There's a "before" picture in my post on Oct. 22.

Last weekend, my husband worked hard cleaning up the yard after their work, but our garden still has a kind of in-between look; between dry season and wet season, that is. If you came and visited, the first thing you'd notice, after the pumpkin heads chatting in the corner, is the large pile of rich brown nursery mix piled up in the back. That's what didn't fit in our new raised bed. We're still discussing what to plant in the raised bed, and have to get the extra mix bagged up before it rains on Friday. I guess that'll be me. Big plant sale starts tomorrow at Flowercraft, so I should have some fun stuff to plant for our winter garden.

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