Thursday, November 22, 2007


I want to thank all the writers and fellow bloggers who have inspired and encouraged me in writing my own blog, which is now more than six months old. (Links to these writers’ blogs are in the Places I Like to Visit at right.) I didn’t think I would get this far.
Thank you, Susan of ReadingWritingLiving, who gave me the assignment to write a blog (an imaginary one!) and taught me that a post can be as long or short or silly or serious as you make it. Thank you writers’ group friends, who continue to spark new ideas and, most important, read my blog and comment on it. Thank you cloudscome at a wrung sponge; discovering your haiku and photographs was a revelation to me about what a blog could be. Thanks Muffin Top for the great recipes and beautiful step-by-step photos of the process. You made me realize that, like cooking, sometimes I enjoy the process of creating my blog posts as much as (or even more than) the eventual result. Thank you to all my friends and family who have read my blog and told me what they liked. And thank you to all the blogs I have happened upon by chance that delighted me, and made me think or laugh or both.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Susan said...

Oh! I didn't catch this before. Thank you for thanking me! And thank you for continuing to write your blog. It is a wonderful place to visit.