Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Happy Park

I did end up going to the reopening of Sunnyside Park on Saturday. It was filled with families! The best review of the new playground that I overheard came from a boy, perhaps around 5 years old, running down the hill. He stopped when he saw the new play equipment and said, "WOW!" I had an emotional moment looking around at all the kids playing and realizing that this was we had envisioned, more than ten years ago. WOW!
I reminisced with another mom who had been involved early on in the renovation process--whose son is now in middle school--and we realized that, had such a playground been here, our daily routine would have been to come to the park with our kids instead of driving to parks in nearby neighborhoods. Think of all the other parents in the neighborhood we would have met. Think of the greenhouse gases our cars wouldn't have emitted.

I came upon one of the old playground pieces--I guess the landscapers decided to repurpose it as "sculpture." This was the one I was always afraid my son would break his teeth on trying to climb.

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