Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost Summer Vacation

We've been having some of the best weather we get in San Francisco for the last few days--warm, sunny, less wind. And it just happens to be the last week of school for my sons. Today was graduation day for middle and high schools, but since I don't have anyone graduating I didn't have to get sad about it. My younger son told me tonight, "I feel like I don't have any duties anymore." My older son had his last final Tuesday. Today he went into school for a half day, went with some of his friends to get buzz cuts, then went out for pizza. When he got home he seemed lighter, and it wasn't just because he lost all that hair. The next two days of school are pretty pointless. I think they are watching Napoleon Dynamite in my younger son's English class. No parties, however, because that would take up "valuable instructional minutes." I think everyone is pretty much longing for that last day to be over.

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