Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carrot Harvest

Yesterday I had to harvest the remainder of the carrots. Aren't the purple ones great? I had to harvest the carrots because the ants were farming aphids on them. I hadn't noticed aphids on them, but did notice a lot of ant activity in that corner of the bed. When I inspected the carrots more closely, I saw a cluster of grayish aphids in the half inch of stem just above the root. All the carrots were that way. I caught it early enough so they don't really seem to have done much harm to the carrots. After I pulled all the carrots out, the ants rushed around frantically carrying a few rescued aphids. I hope they do not move their livestock into the parsley. Today I planted seeds for mesclun greens where the carrots were.
My new great garden discovery is bat guano. Apparently people shovel it out of caves where bats live and sell it to gardeners. The good thing is, the bat guano has lots of great soil nutrients and it's organic. The bad thing is, the shoveling disturbs the bats' nesting. Too bad, because you can make a "tea" out of it and water your garden with it. I'm doing that once a month now and really see a difference in growth. Organic fertilizer is better than synthetic fertilizer because the plants absorb it more slowly and there is a wider range of nutrients in it. After I get through the box I bought I guess I'll have to wrestle with my conscience about whether to buy a new one. I suppose the bat guano is aged because it doesn't smell bad or look like bat sh** in the box:

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