Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing the National Anthem

Last evening I was wrapped in a blanket at the ballpark, watching the N.Y. Mets whip the S.F. Giants on a cold and windy night. But the real reason I was there was to watch my son, my youngest this time, play the national anthem with his middle school band. Also I had coordinated the logistics of getting the instruments there and selling the 300 tickets we were required to sell for the privilege of playing the anthem. It was a lot of effort for 2 minutes of playing. was great to see the look on the kids' faces as they lined up with their instruments and the guard opened the gates, and they stepped out onto the field. And it was great to get stopped by two different Giants employees afterwards, on our way to our seats, who told us proudly that they had gone to my son's school, too, a long time ago.

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