Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rainbow Dinner

These are just a few of the colorful dishes we dined on last weekend when my brother-in-law came over to cook dinner with us before flying back to NY. We asked him to accompany my husband to Berkeley Bowl to buy the ingredients, and as you can see, the abundance of Berkeley Bowl produce inspired both of them.
Unfortunately the first course went unphotographed: sauteed prawns with garlic, parsley and Spanish paprika. We consumed that around 7 pm, before my son went off to play his jazz concert. While he was at the concert we sipped our wine and finished the prep on the second couse: baked petrale sole in butter, roasted purple and golden carrots and red and golden beets with dill, and frisee salad with more beets and carrots with avocados and golden tomatoes. The concert went on longer than we thought (in addition to jazz there was a classical tenor and Chinese poetry; kind of glad I didn't stay for that one), so we went and watched some of the Olympics and got inspired by sailing ski jumpers. We finally all sat down around 9:45 for the second course, and by the time I brought my son home for his dinner it was 10:30. The sole and salad and vegetables were delicious (forgot to photograph the sole, too).
Then for dessert a medley of berries with whipped cream.
I don't think there is any color found in nature that we did not have represented in that meal.


elizabeth said...

Is this the pinnacle of simple dining perfection, or what!

tuolomne said...

Waaaitaminute, PURPLE CARROTS?! I know golden beets, but - never mind, that was a luscious visual feast and an in all ways tantalizing review of same. Tonight I'm having lentil soup, in NYC - and, did I see you have SEEDLINGS in your garden?!
I'm green!