Monday, February 15, 2010

Starting the Garden Again

Last weekend I got the garden going again. First I top-dressed the raised bed with a bag and a half of chicken manure. I transplanted some sweet pea volunteers and planted more sweet pea seeds in that box on the left side of this photo. I planted some chard starts (upper left-hand corner of this photo) and a lot of sugar-snap pea seeds. I left in the African basil (left-hand edge of photo), alyssum, and a healthy fringe of chervil (upper right-hand side of bed). I'm very proud of that chervil; it's all volunteers from last year's planting, which never really thrived. As usual I have all my netting and stakes up to ward off evil cats from using the raised bed as their potty. The squirrel still makes regular visits to our backyard, and I know the netting and stakes would be no match for him/her, but he/she does not seem interested in the raised bed at the moment.
Right now gardening is pretty easy since I don't have to worry about watering. Those light, gentle misty rains we've been having all last week watered my new garden just enough, and the soil is still quite damp from all those earlier harder rains. All I have to do is pop out every day to see if the peas sprouted.

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