Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Abundance of Crochet

I'm sure those who read this post about my first crochet project are eager to know if I ever finished it. Well, as a matter of fact, I did. Here it is above, with my most recent project, granny squares to be made into some kind of quilt at some point in the future. You can see the squares are not all exactly the same size, a result of using different weights of yarn culled from SCRAP, and which I will have to deal with when I put them all together.
The hat was supposed to be a groovy crochet cap, and it's fine but not the most flattering style for me, I decided. My husband wears it around the house sometimes.
I have also crocheted four scarves. The two above were the easiest. The two-color one is for one of the FC Barcelona fans in the house. He has actually worn it a couple of times and claims he defended it to his friends at school ("Hey, I'd like to see you crochet a scarf sometime.") That's not so complimentary, is it?
Here are the two more difficult ones. The one on the right is single crochet alternating front and back loops. I kept forgetting which I had done and how long my row was. The one on the left also involved counting. It is supposed to have one more long row making it wavy on both sides but I ran out of yarn.
What I still enjoy about crochet is the same thing I enjoyed when I began: it is mostly about the process. I like the feeling of my hands in motion; I'm doing something but can be thinking about something else. I can do it while talking to my husband or sitting in front of the TV watching the Olympics or even at a boring parent meeting. Unlike sewing, it does not involve taking over the dining room table to lay out my fabric and taking over my desk to set up my sewing machine. And ultimately because I have not invested too much thought and agony into the product, I don't care if it's not perfect. I love making the granny squares because they involve lots of my favorite part: choosing the colors.
Here was my initial inspiration to start a granny square quilt. I know these quilts are on a whole different aesthetic and spiritual level, but I love to think about the Amish color choices when I'm choosing my colors. If you have not seen this show at the deYoung Museum, go now. It is very beautiful and moving to see the expressions of love, creativity, devotion, community and faith within a tightly circumscribed form chosen by the women themselves.

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