Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mad Plaid

For the first time, I submitted an apron photo to one of Tie One On's apron themes, and all the submissions are now up for viewing. I love looking at all the ways people interpreted the theme (plaid). And I love getting all the compliments on my apron! Take a look at all the other variations--there are some amazing glamorous, retro, and nutty creations.
About the photo: When I was at SCRAP looking for plaid, I found all this cool plaids that I didn't end up using for the apron. It was as if I had never really looked at the plaids and suddenly I saw tons of them. While doing the apron, I realized that I really like the combination of plaid with flowers or plant-inspired designs. I realized I almost never wear plaid--why is that? In my closet I have one plaid shirt that I only wear camping. I think I need more plaid in my life.


elizabeth said...

I think plaid suits some people more than others. Plaid designs are so crisp and linear and overwhelm some delicate types. I agree though that plaid combines nicely with other designs and we did that a lot with the granny dresses of the sixties. Betsy

Nancy said...

If you like SCRAP you should consider making a field trip to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland - similar principal and a GREAT place to stock up for kids' craft extravaganzas. Plus, the world's best fried chicken sandwich is sold just down the street at Bake Sale Betty' revive the exhausted crafter!