Saturday, September 26, 2009

When My Husband Cooks

My husband is the rummage-around-the-fridge, make-something-up-on-the-spot kind of cook. I have rarely seen him cook something from a recipe, except when we used to make Pong Pang together (before kids) . I do most the cooking around the house these days, so he doesn't get that many opportunities to go rustle something up. I think he's just out of the habit. It's good when I can just lie on the couch and pretend I'm not craving a fried egg, too, so finally he goes into the kitchen and makes it. This is what he rustled up this morning, for our mid-morning snack. It's a fried egg with a bit of left0ver fried polenta on top with a dollop of tomato sauce. Hombre, it was good.

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Caroline said...

That sounds fabulous! at first, I thought it was a picture of cheesecake with peaches on top, which also would have been fabulous :)