Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painted Ladies and Blue Dicks

No, my blog hasn't turned porno! Above are the Blue Dicks. They are out everywhere on Mt. Davidson. And below is the mystery yellow daisy that I believe is Narrow-Leaved Mule Ears (Wyethia angustifolia). I found it at the same site where I found the Blue Dicks: the Friends of Edgewood Natural Preserve photos.
I went up on the mountain before 9 am today and photographed these and other flowers. Here's some lupine:
There are a few others I haven't identified but none as striking as the Mule Ears.
In the last ten days I have noticed Painted Ladies everywhere--in the arboretum, on Mt. Davidson, even in my backyard. This one was sitting right next to the trail.
(Note: After a look at Art Shapiro's butterfly site, I realized I had witnessed part of the Painted Lady migration, because one day all the butterflies I saw were flying in the same direction. Next time I see that I will do a count and email it to the site--it's fun to read the "citizen-scientist" reports of migration observations.)

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