Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kilo Cake

My husband has been calling this "Kilo Cake," I think because he feels like he gains a kilo every time he eats a slice. But really, it's only pound cake. Actually, it's a divine cardamom and vanilla pound cake from this month's issue of Gourmet magazine. I served it with vanilla ice cream and candied kumquats to my mom and stepfather when they were over for dinner on Saturday night. It was a little over the top. I think it like it best plain, with a cup of green jasmine tea.
Normally the Gourmet magazine recipes are on the epicurious site. But this one isn't. I guess they don't put all the magazine content on the site. This is one of my favorite sites for recipes, and I love the recipe "reviews." It's astonishing how the same recipe can win one fork with a paragraph of snarking from one cook, and four forks with gushing praise from another. Most reviewers are like me: they just can't bring themselves to follow the recipe exactly as written and feel compelled make some kind of change, either because someone is allergic or doesn't like the ingredient or didn't have it on hand or just plain had to tinker with it. (In the case of the cardamom vanilla pound cake, I substituted 2 tsp. vanilla extract for 2 vanilla beans, which would have cost $10 each at my neighborhood Safeway.) Sometimes the reviewers' changes are so extensive it's a completely different recipe. I feel a kinship with these reviewers, although I have not myself written any reviews on the site. I always check the reviews before committing myself to a recipe; if there are too many bad reviews, forget it. And I like how most of the reviewers are identified by their location ("A Cook in Chevy Chase, MD") depending on how they registered at the site.

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Caroline said...

This sounds delicious, and with candied kumquats! brilliant! we've been slicing kumquats in half, dipping them in cinnamon sugar, and then freezing them briefly to make popsicles. Yum.