Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walnut Tart

This is the homeliest tart I have ever made. It was billed in Gourmet magazine as "Périgord Walnut Tart" and my son was reading the magazine and saw the recipe and said, "We have to make that!" So we did. For a walnut tart, it is a bit light on the walnuts. There is only one thin, genteel layer of nuts. And the photo in the magazine shows a darling little tartlet piled high with mahagony nuts. Hmmmm. Well, the tart is scrumptious, but needs more walnuts. And that white bomb-blast looking patch on the tart? That's white sugar, that the recipe said should be sprinkled onto the top of the tart before baking. It's certainly not for sweetness since the tart is already tooth-achingly sweet. And it does nothing to gussy it up, since carmel and walnuts need no gussying. I say, leave it off. And that's what I said in my review on the epicurious site, if you want to see the recipe for yourself. (For some reason my review hasn't posted yet--it should be the first one!)
I call my tart "Woodland Walnut Tart" since the walnuts are from trees on our friends' farm in Woodland.

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chuck b. said...

Looks delicious, but I tend to avoid super-sweetness.

Heh...I once rolled some truffles I made in confectioner's sugar--big mistake. The sugar melted and turned the truffles into glistening brown balls that looked...very unappetizing.