Thursday, January 8, 2009

That's Commissioner Norton, to You!

My sister was sworn in on Wednesday night as a commissioner of the Board of Education of the SF Unified School District. You can read all about it, see some better photos, and even see the herky jerky video I shot of her remarks, at her web page.
It was really wonderful to see her come full circle. A year ago she declared her candidacy, and began campaigning, and now she takes up the job. What a journey it has been, and it's only just beginning.
Her daughters made a big splash at the event. First her youngest chatted up Mayor Newsom and got his autograph. He made a point of mentioning her in his introduction to swearing Rachel in, saying she "has a lot of energy." Then when Rachel got up there to speak and began by thanking her husband Tim and daughters (and me!), they rushed the stage and let out a few shrieks. Tim had to corral them back to their seats, while Rachel giggled a bit and announced that once again, the Norton family had disrupted the proceedings. But all went smoothly and her speech was gracious and short.
I thought about how great it was for her daughters to see her up there being sworn in. It made me remember when my mom graduated from medical school (I was a teenager then) and how proud I was of her. Some things stick with you.

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rpnorton said...

It was a great evening. For once, all was happiness and light at the Board of Education. Nice while it lasts. :-)