Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Streets

My husband and I rode from the Bayview to the Ferry Building and back at Sunday Streets--a stretch of the waterfront just over four miles that was closed to cars today--along with hundreds (thousands?) of other people. In the photo above there are three different kinds of bikes, a tricycle and a roller skater, just a few of the many kinds of locomotion we passed. I loved riding through a part of San Francisco I've never been to (Mission Bay, and some of the waterfront nearby) and parts I've driven many times before but never dared ride my bike. We rode over two drawbridges: Islais Creek and the Lefty O'Doul Bridge near the ballpark. We rode past people learning how to salsa dance, a yoga class, USF soccer players juggling balls, and people hoola-hooping. We saw someone fall on the train tracks and lots of crying kids. We saw the mayor--who initiated the idea and fought a few grumpy merchants to make it happen--and his wife, and yelled "Thanks Mr. Mayor" along with others as we rode past him. It was a gorgeous sunny day. Even the police officers guarding the intersections were smiling. This is the San Francisco I love.

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