Sunday, April 13, 2008

House Party

I'm not really a big entertainer, but I enjoyed giving this party today. It was for my sister, Rachel Norton, who is running for the Board of Education in San Francisco. Most of the work was beforehand, sending emails to invite people and following up. And they came! Even some honored guests like my mom and two aunts, who cannot vote for Rachel since they don't live in San Francisco but wanted to show their support. Rachel spoke about why she wants to serve on the board and fielded questions on different topics about the school district, the election, and even Prop A (a parcel tax to fund teacher salaries, coming up in June). She was articulate and relaxed, and her knowledge of the workings of the SFUSD is impressive. She's on her way!


Susan said...

Wonderful! But I am so distracted by trying to figure out: what is on that plate? It looks like a banana and a little pile of prosciutto.

Daphne said...

It's a log of chevre, and a pile of coppa!