Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crazy Spring

These are wild spring days,
Strong wind stirring up bits
That get in my eyes and make me cry.
For my walk in the park, I am scarved and gloved and fleeced
In the bright sunshine.
The flowers are blooming ridiculously.
I stand and laugh at a cherry tree bursting with pink puff balls.
I stick my nose next to bees and photograph them for as long as I like
Because they are so busy, they have no time to buzz me off.
Walking with my mom in Tilden Park we hear a bird singing, ludicrously
Loud. It's a
Spotted Towhee, chest sticking out, stripes of orange
Calling aggressively to any female around.
Do we count?
Birds fly overhead with things trailing from their beaks.
A raven commands a stop sign.
The mockingbird dominates our neighborhood with his song.

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