Wednesday, February 27, 2008


You can see 'em, right? My radish sprouts? These incredibly hardy vegetables sprung up in five days. If you want instant gratification, plant radishes. After they sprung, we had a week of rain, including some very hard downpours. Not a one was broken or even bent. Now they are turning a deep green, and beginning their first set of real leaves. The carrot seeds that I planted at the same time will still take another week to come up, I predict. Chervil and arugula seeds are up, too, but still too tiny to photograph. No sign of the peas. I'll give them another week.
When I was looking around online for seed companies, I found The Seed Site. This inspiring site has photographs of 600 different kinds of seeds--shot in a 1-inch circle for scale--and 600 seedlings, plus tons of information and advice about saving seeds, germination methods and times, and more. So if you find some kind of mysterious volunteer seedling in your garden, or a yellowed envelope of seeds, you have a hope of identifying them. I notice the germination times on the site are longer than what it says on the seed packet. Hmmm. Patience is rewarded.

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