Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eight Things Meme

Susan tagged me for this meme. Thanks, Susan! You continue to be an inspiration to me. I have the choice of using her prompts or creating my own. I feel more random these prompts are my own.
1. Today...has not gone as I expected it would go, so far. I had planned to take one car in to the garage but this morning the other car wouldn't start. So it got to go to the garage instead, and luckily my carpool partner got the kids to school. I had planned to go work out at the gym but I had a headache after getting back from dealing with the car so instead I had a big slice of homemade chocolate cake and a cup of decaf vanilla chai tea. Sometimes you just have to change your plans.
2. Yesterday...I worked to make a fancy dinner for my husband's birthday. The only think he told me he wanted was a plate of Serrano ham, which we had as our appetizer. I made lamb chops, polenta, asparagus with olive oil, and the chocolate cake. He loved it. But even better than that, I think, was that he got to watch part of the Barcelona-Celtic soccer game with the boys on TV before dinner. And that Barça won.
3. In the future...I would like to take more risks. Not try to plan everything out. Keep trying new things and accept what comes that I didn't expect. Do the same with my sons.
4. I notice...that there are tiny green threads in my raised bed. I have to restrain myself from popping out there every few hours to see if they are any bigger. At the same time, a seed from this blog seems to have sprouted. Someone I know liked my writing here and asked me to do some editing for them. What a great feeling!
5. I remember...when I was a teenager I resented any confidence my mom wrangled out of me because I felt she would just try to use it to get more information and I wanted to keep everything about me secret, at least from her. Now I know she just wanted to be close to me.
6. I wish...I could find a way to be close to my teenager without intruding on his private space.
7. I don't want...all the birds to get my radishes and chervil before they are an inch high! There are little inch-deep holes in my raised bed that look like someone pushed a stick into the earth--or, rather, a beak. So I put up the bird netting over the anti-cat sticks. What's next? Snails?
8. I be productive , not frenzied. To be loving, not prying. To protect and nuture, not destroy. It's easy to crush fragile seedlings before they've even grown their second set of leaves.

I tag Gail, Marmee, Violeta, and Caroline. You can use my prompts, or Susan's, or your own!


Susan said...

Daphne, I love your prompts (and your reponses) - I might have to do this one again!

Caroline said...

These are great prompts, and such lovely, thoughtful responses... #s 5 and 6 really got to me.
I will think on this and do it soon!

Anonymous said...
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