Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This is the worst of the damage to the sunflower seedlings. I'm not sure which are worse, the earwigs or the slugs. I am catching a few of each in my beer saucers every night, but I guess more keep coming. Earwigs? They can’t do much damage!, you say. That’s what I thought, until I came out slug hunting one night with my flashlight and found a giant one crouched right on top of a seedling, gnawing. The seedlings are persevering, but I think it’s still touch and go. They’ve lost some pretty major appendages and they’re not growing new ones fast enough.

I went back to Walgreens the other day to pick up another large bottle of Miller High Life, my death poison. A friend from yoga saw me carrying it around the store while I was looking for deodorant for my pubescent boys.
“You look kind of funny with that,” she said bluntly.
“What, oh this?” I waved it toward her. “This is my afternoon drink.”
Then I told her it was really for my slugs. And my earwigs.
“Oh, earwigs,” she said sadly. “They ate my whole garden in southern Oregon.”
Tonight I went out there and didn’t see a single slug. I did see one earwig, but he scurried into his little earwig den. They’re probably all in there now, drinking my Miller High Life from little earwig steins, singing earwig songs.


Violeta said...

I love your last few lines! : ) Good luck with the sunflowers.

Caroline said...

ugh, earwigs are the creepiest. but I love your last lines, too!

Susan said...

yes, I actually found that final image adorable.